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Lost Penny

Lost Penny DVD

It's been a year since Lost Penny had its film festival premiere. So, we're bringing back the DVD price back to its release price.

Sale Price: $16.98 CAD
Retail: $19.98 (15% off)


Just Isaac Documentary

Just Isaac Documentary

We're partnering with CubeCity Entertainment to raise funds to film Isaac Mitchell as he enters the boxing ring years after the tragic death of his mentor.

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Short Film

We're currently working on three short films here in the Niagara Region. Check out some behind the scenes photos of the cast and crew...

What's in the Box? Assembly Required The Fight

Lost Penny Lost Penny DVD

Our Films

Lost Penny DVD LOST PENNY (2016)
When Penny finds a magical box in a Forgotten Alley, she is plunged into an upside-down world of smoke and mirrors... that conceals a dark secret and change her life forever.

Sale Price: $16.98 CAD
Retail: $19.98 (15% off)

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Lazer Us DVD LAZER US (2014)
The madcap adventure story of a magic guitar that can make your dreams come true. But is rock star hopeful Jimi Lazer willing to pay the price? He's about to find out.

Sale Price: $14.98 CAD
Retail: $19.98 (25% off)

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Under Jakob's Ladder DVD UNDER JAKOB'S LADDER (2012)
Starring Jeff Stewart
The story of Jakob, a man who gets caught in the middle of a deadly game of chess in a Soviet prison...

Sale Price: $16.98 CAD
Retail: $19.98 (25% off)

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Dear J DVD DEAR J (2008)
After the unexpected death of his girlfriend, James Jamisin decides to put his own faith on trial. He must summon the courage to open her final letter to him...

Sale Price: $9.98 CAD
Retail: $19.98 (50% off)


Job and the Snake CD JOB AND THE SNAKE (1998)
[CD] A Rock Musical about the classic story of good and evil...

Sale Price: $4.98 CAD
Retail: $19.98 (75% off)

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In this documentary, Revenel Benoit tells the story of how he was kicked out of his house by his mother—a voodoo priestess—and began an adventure that changed, not just his own life, but the lives of his fellow Haitian people.

Winner of two film festival awards...

Get this DVD through the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society


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