Job and the Snake

Job and the Snake

JOB AND THE SNAKE is the classic story about the struggle of good and evil. Job, a good man, faces the trial of a lifetime when tragedy after tragedy hits. His wife turns her back on him and his friends blame him for his troubles. The mystery of his suffering is answered by the voice of the whirlwind.

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Job and the Snake

Niagara Showcase:

June 23-24, 2017

Meet the Niagara Cast

Job and the Snake
Job and the Snake
Job and the Snake

"A modern-day telling of the classic struggle of good and evil."

Listen to the Music

In 2016, Job and the Snake got some updated music...


Reconnecting with the past...

It's been over twenty years since we first produced this musical on stage. We worked with numerous casts. We love to reconnect with those people who helped bring this rock musical to life.

If you're one of those people, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a shout out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or whereever you are online. Have a good memory? Let us know about it... Let us know what you're up to now.

Various Productions

  • Sept 23-24, 1994 - Ridgeway, Ontario
  • November 1994-June 1995 - Mini-tour of Niagara Peninsula
  • October 13-14, 1995 - Toronto Showcase, Rosedale Heights Theatre
  • April 11-28, 1996 - Toronto Run, Betty Oliphant Theatre
  • 1996-1999 - Various workshop performances in Toronto, Burlington, St. Catharines
  • July 4-5, 1998 - CD Release with performances at the Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto
  • April 28-May 14, 2000 - Grove Theatre, Los Angeles
  • October 8-9, 2004 - New York City, Off-Broadway Showcase
  • November 18-19, 2016 - Detroit Showcase
  • June 23-24, 2017 - Niagara Falls Showcase

Job cast from 1996

Job and the Snake Cast
Betty Oliphant Theatre
Toronto, 1996

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Classic Job and the Snake


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