#1 - Comedy Short Film “Assembly Required”

Seeking Lead Actor (Male or Female) for a Spiritually Themed 3-Minute Short

SAM MAKER (male or female / age 20-30) -- An everyman/everywoman who can't assemble a newly purchased piece of furniture to save her/his life.

» We're looking for a likeable actor with a fun personality.
» Able to show “determination” turning into side-splitting frustration over 2-3 minutes.
» Strong use of physical comedy.
» Ability to enact comedy with little or no dialogue (i.e. Mr. Bean).
» Is able to come up with dozens of funny ways to show the failure of assembling furniture.
» Brief use of power tools in a comedic manner.

To apply for this role, send us your headshot/resume to: cubecitycasting [at]

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#2 - Short Film “The Interview”

Seeking 4 pre-teens/teens for a 3-minute Spiritually Themed Short Film

"BLUE" (female / age 10-19)
"GREEN" (male / age 10-19)
"YELLOW" (female / age 10-19)
"RED" (male / age 10-19)

» All ethnicities welcome.
» Each actor will essentially play themselves in an interview setting.
» We need 4 distinct and interesting personalities, comfortable in front of a camera, lights and small crew. Capable of natural reactions.
» Each person should not be afraid to be silly or act a few stereotypical roles such as an arrogant member of royalty, a graceful ballerina, an overly polite businessperson, etc.
» The audition will not be difficult, the challenge will be to relax, try and have fun in front of the camera and react genuinely to any questions that are asked, and directions given. We may also try a few lines that we will tell you off camera.
» The audition will consist of a series of simple questions geared to let the children show their individual personality and talent.
» It is an exciting opportunity to be part of a video series that will be showcased on the internet as part of the upcoming Anniversary of the Reformation dealing with the topic in a non historic way.

To apply for one of these roles, send us your headshot/resume to: cubecitycasting [at]

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Film Auditions

Audition Location:
St. Catharines, Ontario

Audition Dates:
March 2017

Filming Dates:
March/April 2017 (TBD)

"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances." ~ Sanford Meisner

Audition Tips

#1 - Early is Good (But Not Too Early...)

So, you have an appointment for an audition. Congratulations! Now's the time you want to impress the casting director. One way to do that is to show up on time for the appointment. In fact be a little early. Somewhere between 5-15 minutes early is usually good.

But here's the catch. Don't be too early! There might be limited seating or other reasons why this might be inconvenient to the casting people. So, if you find yourself a half hour early, try going for a walk. Get rid of some of your nerves and come back in 15 minutes.

#2 - Headshots... Here's Looking at You, Kid!

The Headshot. It's your calling card to casting directors and production companies. It's the photo that they'll associate with you, the actor. In other words, your headshot's job is to represent you... which will hopefully land you the role you're looking for!

What’s the best kind of headshot? First and foremost, your headshot should look like YOU. This means is that you need to have a current photo.

So, if you dramatically alter something about your appearance (e.g. you dye your hair), you really should change your headshot, too. If you don't, this can be very confusing for the casting people. Remember, we rely on headshots to help us sort through a lot actors. This cannot be stressed enough, so let us say one more time. Be sure that your headshot looks like... you!

#3 - Acting your Age

What is your age range when it comes to acting?

While some actors can be 30 years old and realistically play a high school student, others can not. When you are submitting for a role, be realistic about your age range. If you're not sure what your age range is, ask your family and friends. Better yet, ask strangers: "How old do you think I am?" They might give you a more realistic answer. (And remember, the style of clothes can make a difference.)

Casting directors have to sift through hundreds of headshots. If they put an age range in a casting call, then please pay attention. Can you realistically play a 17-year-old? A 38-year-old? A 62-year-old? The photo on your headshot is very important here. If you're vying for the role of, let's say, the 17-year-old teen, but your headshot makes you look like corporate executive, chances are you won't even make the Casting Director's list of possibilities.

The key here is, don't just tell them you can play a certain age. Show it with your headshot!

More Audition Tips

"Creating relationship is the heart of acting. It is basic. It is essential." ~ Michael Shurtleff

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