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Dear J

The story of an evangelist who faces the untimely death of his agnostic girlfriend. In order to sort things out, he commits himself to a psychiatric institute where he must summon the courage to open her last letter...

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Behind the Scenes

Some Quotes about the film

"Quite a powerful film! There were a few tears in my eyes as I watched the ending." -- Craig L. Blomberg, Ph.D (Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the film... the characters were convincing, the plot nicely paced..." -- Paul L. Maier, Ph.D, Litt.D (Author, A Skeleton in God's Closet)

"The story deals poignantly with a belief in Christ and the hope beyond the grave..." -- Edwin L. Carpenter (Reviewer,
Dove Foundation)

"A thought-provoking film..." -- The Tri-State Voice
(Metro New York)

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Dear J


The Cast...

  • Joseph A. Halsey ... James
  • Allison Lane ... Dr. Frolick
  • Carson Grant ... Dr. Donovin
  • Maya Serhan ... Paige
  • Patrick J. Mitchell ... Staples
  • Karen Lynn Gorney ... Judge